Aaron FIsher

Aaron FIsher

A Sweet Note From My Mother

A Sweet Note From My Mother

THANK YOU all so much for helping me out with my script last night. A lot of great, insightful feedback. It was very helpful and a lot of fun! If you would like to give more feedback, please do so by emailing me back at aaroncine@gmail.com

My mother wrote me a very sweet email regarding my new feature length script, pasted below:

Dearest Aaron,

I am so proud of what you have accomplished - sorry if I sound gushy, mushy etc. but I am bursting with pride.

I am so impressed with you pulling off a moving romcom - and that is just from a reading! This will be a great movie. I have always known how talented, creative and brilliant you are - this just reinforces it. 

The nuances, the subtle, the strong characters - especially Ben - amazing! And you acted it so well - just in a reading! I am impressed with how you were able to portray different moods - you are a natural actor.    After waiting so long to have a glimpse of your work I was afraid that I might be disappointed with it, but the opposite is now true - I am thrilled with it. Your hard work and perseverance has certainly paid off. 



I can't wait to develop this script into a full movie!  


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